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Do you have an uneven concrete slab? When it comes to uneven concrete, leveling the concrete slab before it’s too damaged ensures that the existing concrete will be around for years to come. No matter how durable concrete is, it is still bound to be damaged at some point. When concrete is damaged, it is more worth it and inexpensive to simply repair it instead of completely repairing the slab. 

Remember that it is important to attend to uneven concrete as fast as possible as leaving it unattended will highly likely lead to injuries or safety hazards. Concrete repair isn’t such an easy task, much less concrete leveling. When it comes to concrete leveling in Fargo ND, it is best left in the hands of professionals. 

Why get concrete leveling 

There are lots of reasons why you should hire professionals for concrete leveling. One of the main reason is that hiring professionals for concrete leveling cuts the expected labor costs. Going through concrete replacement and getting a concrete company to demolish the slab, discarding, stabilizing the foundation, install a new slab would naturally be so much more costly than simply going for concrete leveling. 

These expenses also the result of their workforce, resource use, and time. Leaving these unattended or doing concrete leveling yourself will also potentially damage your property further. However, professionals may prevent these as they would not be using any heavy types of equipment directly in your yard and drillings will usually be done away from your landscaping.

Even if you thought that replacing your concrete surface would immediately make the property safe, that is not the case at all. The process of concrete replacement takes a significantly long time, which could be several days or possibly weeks. 

Remember that the ongoing construction itself may endanger other family members within the property, or if you’re a landlord, then workers, visitors, passers-by, or tenants may end up being injured.

Types of concrete leveling 

One of the usual method of concrete leveling the concrete contractors do is Polyjacking. Polyjacking involves the use of polyurethane foam in place of mud for concrete raising. The foam expands after filling the holes drilled in the concrete slab. As the polyurethane expands, the concrete is lifted. This should not be attempted to be done by yourselves as chemical reactions are utilized in the process.


Another type of concrete leveling is Mudjacking. In a simple sense, mudjacking involves jacking the concrete up. These use a mud-like mixture of cement, water, soil, and sand. These are inserted through several holes made on the slab about two inches wide are drilled into the existing concrete slab. They then proceed to inject the materials through these holes and lift the slab coming from below the original height. 


What is the process of leveling concrete?

Concrete leveling is a process used to fill voids under sagging concrete slabs, including steps, porches, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. The process involves drilling holes into the existing concrete and pumping a leveling material through those holes and underneath the slab

How much does it cost to level a slab of concrete?

The average cost that homeowners paid for concrete slab leveling in Cass county is between $349.00 and $1,998.00. The costs of concrete slab in Fargo, North Dakota ranges from $7 to $12 per square foot for reinforced concrete. Concrete pad cost ranges from $6 to $11 per square foot for un-reinforced concrete.

Can you level your own concrete?

Doing concrete leveling right isn’t typically something you can do yourself. It requires expensive equipment and experienced technicians. The good news is it is often significantly cheaper than you may have thought it would be.

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When it comes to large-scale concrete works, it is always best left in the hands of capable professionals. There is practically no reason for you to spend more time, effort, and resources instead of leaving it the ones that do their quality job. Our concrete contractors are professionals. We can provide you with quality services that are sure to satisfy and make up for what you spend. We are confident that we can deliver you satisfactory quality of work and customer service.

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