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When it comes to the world of construction, concrete has always been a popular option, especially for commercial and industrial buildings. For the longest time, concrete has been great when it comes to building or enhancing commercial facilities, these would include simple industrial buildings, warehouses, retail stores, and even restaurants. It is clearly proven that concrete is not only effective in residential homes, but also in commercial projects.

Commercial builds can be seen everywhere. Many people would be staying in these buildings daily, making them responsible for many lives. In fact, ever since before, when concrete was used for industrial commercial purposes, they were always been used in the construction of the whole commercial building, from the walls, floors, exterior walkways and pavements, and even to the architectural details.

There may be quite a number of people wondering why you still have a selection of residential and commercial concrete to choose from, however, there are some differences between both residential home and commercial concrete. One of these is that commercial concrete is a more popular option when it comes to its capability with the city concrete cutting structural performance and durability, making it more demanded in these types of city concrete core projects. 

Benefits of Concrete Parking Lots 

Are you considering a concrete parking lot for your company? You’re making the right decision! Concrete is a long-lasting, low-maintenance material that is a wise investment for your company. It also appears to be quite nice! Let’s delve a little deeper into the advantages that a concrete parking lot can provide for your company.

Longer Life With Minimal Maintenance 

A concrete parking lot has a lifespan of 25-30 years (possibly longer), which is roughly 10 years longer than competing asphalt lots. In addition to this long lifespan, maintenance would be minimal. Asphalt parking lots require more frequent maintenance due to their shorter lifespan, which includes overall sealing, re-striping, and potential additional layers.

Competitive Initial Cost 

Contrary to popular belief, concrete is significantly less expensive than asphalt. Concrete is actually the less expensive option when comparing the products inch for inch (in-depth). Furthermore, asphalt parking lots necessitate extensive subgrade work, as well as separate curb and gutter installations. Concrete requires less subgrade preparation than asphalt, and curbs and gutters can be installed simultaneously with the parking lot.

Low Overall Energy Cost & Enhanced Safety 

Concrete parking lots reflect more light than other materials due to their lighter color and smooth surface. As a result, fewer light poles and/or wattage are required to adequately illuminate the lot. When compared to asphalt lots, this significantly reduces utility bills (roughly 30-35 percent per year), as well as material and maintenance costs. Bills have been known to be reduced even further when other energy-saving devices, such as LED lights for fixtures, are used.

The ability of concrete to reflect light (as opposed to light-absorbent asphalt) lowers ambient temperatures at both the lot and the surrounding buildings. Lower temperatures (especially in the summer) reduce cooling utility costs and reduce maintenance/replacement of overworked HVAC systems. The brighter, more reflective surface of concrete also provides safer surroundings by making pedestrians and obstacles more visible to drivers at all times of day and night.

Concrete Stands Out 

Concrete, with its clean appearance and aesthetically pleasing lighter color, stands out from the typical asphalt lots owned by most businesses. A concrete parking lot has the ability to draw people’s attention and physically highlight your business.

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