How Much Does a Yard of Concrete Weigh?

How much does a yard of concrete weigh? There are a few ways to determine the weight of concrete. First, let’s look at the density of concrete. A cubic yard of concrete weighs roughly four thousand five hundred pounds or approximately 1,837 kilograms. This makes a yard of concrete nearly the same weight as a full-grown rhinoceros. Second, concrete trucks can carry up to 10 yards of concrete per load, which means that a full truckload will weigh more than forty thousand five hundred pounds. A yard of concrete is heavier than water, as the density of concrete is 150 pounds per cubic foot, while water has a density of 62 pounds per cubic foot. Hence, 60 tons of concrete weighs about sixty percent of its dry weight.

The Role Water Plays in the Weight of Concrete

The water content in concrete also plays a critical role in its durability. Water helps to mix the compounds in concrete, generating chemical linkages. Consequently, wet concrete is much heavier than dry concrete. A cubic yard of wet concrete weighs about three-and-a-half tons compared to three-and-a-half tons of dry concrete. Whether you want to estimate the weight of concrete, a yard-and-a-half-yard yard will give you a good idea of the amount of water required.

The weight of a yard of wet concrete depends on the density of the concrete mix. The density of concrete varies depending on the volume of the concrete, the amount of water it contains, and the type of aggregate in it. However, in general, a yard of wet concrete weighs around three thousand pounds or 1.8 short tons. In addition to weight, concrete’s volume is measured in cubic yards.

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