Top 7 Places in Fargo ND

Fargo Noth Dakota has a lot of top sights to see. The city has a lot of great exhibits, parks, museums, and districts. Below we talk about the top 8!

Plains Art Museum

Plains Art Museum

The Plains Art Museum is a fine art museum situated in the city center of Fargo, North Dakota, United States.

The museum’s history began in 1965 the year that “Red River Art Center” was established in the former Moorhead, Minnesota, post office. Museum’s title changed after it was merged together with Rourke Art Gallery to form the “Plains Art Museum” in the year 1975. After a disagreement in 1987, which led to the departure of the director who was its founding James O’Rourke, the Plains Art Museum and the Rourke Art Museum and Gallery were separated into separate institutions.

The Museum was in the downtown Moorhead area. In October of 1997, the Museum moved to a restored turn-of-the-century International Harvester warehouse in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. A group of museums called the American Alliance of Museums accredited the Plains Art Museum in 2003. This allowed Plains Art Museum one of two museums located in North Dakota which has received this honor. The Plains Art Museum acquired the old International Harvester warehouse building in 1994.

Red River Zoo

red river zoo

The Red River Zoo is an animal park located in Fargo, North Dakota. The initial 8 acres (3.2 acres) was opened in the spring of 1999. It received accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in 2006.

The zoo is currently situated on 33 acres (13 ha) which was once the home of a farm owned by George Anderson. George Anderson’s family is also called “Red River Ranch”. A few of the farm structures were renovated and used as a zoo today however, others were taken down due to the fact that they were dangerous. The original farm was flat, and only had seven trees, hundreds of plants and trees were planted as well as a number of five ponds were created to enhance the landscape of the area.

Fargo Air Museum

Fargo Air Museum

The Fargo Air Museum is an aviation-related museum located in Fargo, North Dakota. It is situated at Hector International Airport located in the northern region of the city. The museum has many old planes that, for the most part of them are operating in a good state of repair.

The museum officially opened the Beck-Odegaard Building in August 2013. In the year 2016, the museum purchased a 1944 tractor which was used in the role of an air tug at Naval Air Station Atlantic City during World War II.

Bonanzaville USA


Bonanzaville, USA is a museum of history located in West Fargo, North Dakota. Bonanzaville which is the home that is part of the Cass County Historical Society is comprised of 40 buildings spread over 12 acres (49,000 meters 2.) Many of the historic are from the area. The buildings were moved to the museum’s grounds, and have now been transformed into an area of the village. Many of the structures are themed. There are displays of the prairie church and a general store as well as a drugstore and a fire station the first home of Fargo, as well as the schoolhouse. There are also a number of newer structures being built within the grounds, which include an aviation museum as well as an auto museum.

The other exhibits are the horse-drawn vehicle as well as firefighting vehicles, equipment including dental and medical equipment and a law enforcement museum and a museum for telephones, and a printing press for newspapers. Bonanzaville includes hundreds of thousands of artifacts in its collection as well as exhibits.

Hjemkomst Center

Hjemkomst Center

The Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center popularly referred to as Hjemkomst Center Museum can be found located in Moorhead, Minnesota. Hjemkomst Center first opened in 1985. It is a house for the Hjemkomst Viking Ship, Hopperstad Stave Church replica, and exhibits at the museum every quarter as well as county archives. In 2009 The Clay County Historical Society (which was established in 1932), as well as the Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center, merged to create the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County.

Roger Maris Museum

The roger maris museum

The Roger Maris Museum is a 70-foot (21m) exhibit case museum located in the West Acres Shopping Center in Fargo, North Dakota. It’s an everlasting memorial for Major League Baseball player and local alumni Roger Maris, centering on his life and career in baseball particularly in his team the New York Yankees during the 1961 season when Maris struck a record-breaking 61 home runs. Museum hours are all hours of the mall and are open to visitors.

The Roger Maris Museum was created by Fargo American Legion members Robert Smith and James McLaughlin. At first, Maris declined to have the museum built to honor his memory. He initially was only willing to accept that it be put on open display and not charge admission fees, since the museum was not a way to make money from the success of his business. Maris was also the one who personally decided that they be situated inside West Acres.

The museum was opened in 1984. In 2003 the museum was renovated in the course of the mall’s remodel. On the 26th of July, the museum was broken into at night during the closing hours. Some of the items that were stolen included items from the year 1960 AL MVP plaque and the S. Rae Hickok Belt giving the award to Maris at the time of her death. The perpetrators never were identified and neither were the stolen items ever found.

Rourke Art Museum

Rourke Art Museum

The Rourke Art Museum is a high-end art museum located in Moorhead, Minnesota, United States, founded by James O’Rourke.

Its Museum of the Arts is located on 521 Main Avenue in a historic Federal Courthouse and Post Office constructed in 1915. The building was mentioned in an analysis of historic properties within Clay County, that said the structure “shows the impact of Federal government functions in the majority of towns. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

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